Unite 10 Blog

1. What was most useful in this course is the skills i learned about searching in different databases. It was very useful to understand how to limit and concentrate my research question to get the best detailed results possible. how to find different databases by subject or discipline made researching a subject so much easier and more effective.
2. I liked the topic of how to use Refworks to export your citation and save them in a folder for reference. I would have liked to spend more time on how to cite unpopular types of documents like governmental pamphlets and reports.
3. The blogging through WordPress was easy and simple to navigate and effective in learning.
4. The only thing is that when publishing a post on WordPress, it would malfunction or freeze and spacing would be all off, but other than that i enjoyed it.
5. LALT is a very useful class and you can learn a lot of tricks that help in research not just for this course but for all of the educational journey in the future. However, there was a lot of work and assignments. Even though they were easy, but at the same time they could have been less and at the same time got the same outcome. The teacher was very helpful and available, and that made learning so much easier.


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