Unit 7 Blog

Topic: What is the role of the media on eating disorders?

What is the name of the database?

What disciplines or areas does it cover?
Psychology also media pschology

What dates are covered by the database?
Varies from 1960s until current time in PsycINFO AND 1990s until current time in PsycARTICLES

What kinds of materials does it contain?
In PsycARTICLES , it contains articles in academic Academic Journal including more than 25,000 full-text articles from 42 journals published by American Psychological Association and allied organizations. However, in PsychINFO, it contains articles in all journals, peer reviewed journals, books/monographs, dissertation abstracts, and electronic collections, more broad database.

What languages are the materials in?
More than 30 Languages in PsychINFO, and mainly english in PsycARTICLES

Is it available off-campus?
Both databases contain articles that are linked to the AUC Library Catalog, which can be also accessed off campus through the web

Is full-text available?
Some articles in both databases are in full-text (mainly in PsycARTICLES) and some are subject to ‘checking LinkForce for full-text’

PsychINFO and PsycARTICLES are both helpful and concentrated in research about my subject, but there are some differences that show PsychARTICLES is better to use in my subject. In PsycARTICLES most of the result were current and recent as well as it had more concentrated topics on curent issues in Psychology some of which deal with media. On the other hand, for more depth research with scientific backing, PsychINFO is more dominant because it dates back from the 1960s as well as it was more related to disciplines such as medicine, psychiatry, education, social work, law, criminology, social science, and organizational behavior, so it is more broad and advance. Also compiling of recent encyclopedias in communication & mass media were more relavant and accurate fro my subject of media role on our body image. PsychARTICLES is more concentrated and less results were found about the subject, where as PsychINFO was more general with more results on the subject.


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