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My research question is : What are the effects of eating chocolate on our emotions?

My research statement is : Chocolate and Emotions


Article 1

Authors: Macht, Roth, Ellgring

Title Article: Chocolate eating in healthy men during experimentally  induced sadness and joy

Title Journal: Apptite

Date Published: Oct 2002

Volume & Issue #: Volume 39, issue 2

Page Numbers: 147 p, 12 p.

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Subject heading of Article: Chocolate Candy, Emotions


Article 2

Authors: Chan, kevin

Title of Article : A clinical trial gone awry: the Chocolate Happiness Undergoing More Pleasantness (CHUMP) study.

Title of Journal : CMAJ: Canadian Medical Association Journal

Date Published: 12/4/07

Volume & Issue : Vol. 177 Issue 12

Page # : p.1539 – 1541, 3 p, 2 charts, 1 color

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Subject Heading f Article: *CLINICAL trials
*PERSONALITY & emotions
*FOOD preferences
*NUTRITION — Psychological aspects
*FOOD consumption
*CHOCOLATE industry
*HUMAN experimentation in medicine


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